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Goldfinch is not a family usually connected with Chewton Mendip but they were living in Chewton Priory at the beginning of the 19th century. Eliza Robinson Austin married Maj. John William Goldfinch of the Oxford Militia on 23 Jan 1807 in Walcott, Bath.  He lived at Chewton Priory in at the time. John was born in 1775 and he died in Jan 1824 and was buried on 26 Jan 1824 in Writhlington. Eliza Robinson Austin was born on 24 Dec 1781 in Barbados and was christened on 26 Feb 1782. She  died in 1830 and was also buried in Writhlington on 18th October 1830.
 A member of the Goldfinch family were leasing property in Wells from as early as 1719. A William  Goldfinch was a lawyer connected involved with Anne Yorke in the mid 18th century. One branch of the Yorke family were wealthy and owned land in Chewton Mendip.
 Eliza Mary Anne Goldfinch was buried in High Littleton in 1809. The gravestone is not 100% clear and other records (Freereg)  show she was buried in Walcot, Bath. However, the gravestone and Freereg confirm her father was a major in the army and the family home was Camden Place, Bath.
The High Littleton connection is explained through the marriage of Frances Goldfinch to Richard Langton one of  wealthy families of High Littleton. There is memorial inside High Littleton church that lists Langtons going back to 1656. The Langton link also explains why John Goldfinch was an officer in the Oxford militia.
A Wlliam Gore, who was the grandson of Edward Gore of  Barrow Gurney , was living in Oxfordshire when he married the Bridget Langton, the  daughter of Joseph Langton, in 1783. Joseph Langton built the manor house at Newton St Lowe and also owner of lands in High Littleton.  William Gore was a Colonel in  the Oxfordshire Militia when John Goldfinch was a major.
There may have been a Kingsmill or Jenkins link. Chewton Priory was owned by the Jenkins family at the time. A Richard Jenkyns or Jenkins was a friend of Robert Kingsmill but he was living in Wells so he may have rented Chewton Priory to the Goldfinches. John Stephens was the vicar at the time but he had inherited the Kingsmill money and name and he was married to Dorothy Mogg of High Littleton   John Stephens (Kingsmill) was replaced by Henry Hodges-Mogg  in 1814 who was also vicar of High Littleton at the time.
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