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Greens East End

Greens East EndWilliam Green was 62 and his brother, James, was 42 in 1759 when a lease was recorded for a farm in East End. It appears they were sub letting to Ephraim Middle. One of the fields listed was Crols Paddock which suggests it was the property near White Stile  and Dudwell Farm shown field 207 shown in the 1794 map.
The 18th century churchwardens accounts and poor book show that a number of  families were paying for ‘Greens’ in east end. Some of these records may have been unconnected to the Green family but refer to the colour green such as Green Paddock. It is on the road to Emborough and the akward shape of the plot means it could be described as ‘The Gore’.
The Palmer family were paying for Greens up to about 1720 and continued to pay for part of Greens after that date. Richard Thrisoll was paying for part of Greens during th middle of the 18th century. The Smiths and Scutt family were also listed as paying for part of Greens in the middle of the 18th century.
 The Rev Secombe and William Kingsmill were also briefly mentioned but there is little doubt the Greens were tenants of the Waldegraves.
The ledger recording the 1759 lease was compiled in 1766 which support the poor law records that shows James Green paying poor rates and preparing accounts at that time.
 The 1840 tithe map shows that what was field 207 in 1794 did not contain any buildings but was called Well Close which is consistent with it being the site of a house of some kind.
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