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Sperrings Green Farm

 Sperrings Green Farm 001Most references to Sperrings Green are for the farm that appears consistently in the historical record but, ironically, the Sperring family is not frequently mentioned.This picture shows Sperrings Green Farm c1890 and is courtesy of Pat and Dave Hellard. 
 The closest match for the Sperring name in Chewton Mendip in the 17th century is when Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard & Edith Spiring was christened in Chewton Mendip on 22/9/1639. Sperrings Green Farm is one of the few remaining working farms in the village.
Sperrings Green turningSperrings Green is that name of the area between Sperrings Green and  Chewton Priory or Priory Farm near Bathway. The track on the right is the beginning of Willets Lane and the turning Rookery Farm is a few meters further on.  Sages Farm is also close and both Sperrings Green and Sages farm have kept their name for most of the recorded history. Sperrings Green may be considered to be in the  West End or Town tithing.
Sperrings GreenThe extract from the 1794 map  shows the same site as the photograph above. Willets Lane is the track at the top, Sages Lane is the one to the right. Sperrings Green Farm yard is in plot 312 but the house shown in the photograph was not built until later. There was a lane, possibly called Hags lane in the 1740 map, which connected Sperrings Green with Everards Farm. There is, or was, a Sperrings Lane that may have been in the Middlesex tithing.
 The 18th century churchwarden and poor book show that Elizabeth Barrel/BassellFrancis Board,  John Curtis, William Hunt, Walter Smith, William Wright, James Yorke  and various other peoplewere the tenants of Sperrings but it is difficult to tell which property they were tenants of.  Elizabeth Barrell/Bassell was living in Rows, Francis Board was probably living in Willets, John Curtis was living in Sages and a number of other people may all have only been renting a field or som part of it.
 Sperrings Green Farm was occupied by Willim Blanning in 1840 . The Carters took over from William Blanning and they were still  there in the 1950s 
 The 1902 map shows there was a quarry in the ‘green’ of Sperings Green.
 This picture shows that Sperrings Green frm has not changed much since it was built.
  1. Lynne Evans permalink

    is Sperring farm where Pat and Dave Hellard live now as we visited in 1996 and 2000

    • Sperrings Green farm is on the oposite side of the road from where the Hellards live

      • Lynne Evans permalink

        Thank you we stayed with the hellards in 1996 not realising how close we were to our Stephens past. On our second visit in 2000 hellards were booked out and we stayed at a B&b with highland cattle further down the road on the opposite side to hellards and that was where we discovered we were near emborough and not Embrow as it was on the Australian paperwork

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