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Brown is a relatively common family name so it is not surprising that people with this name occurs several times in the history of Chewton Mendip.
 A Wid Brown was paying rates  to the churchwardens in 1717 inin East End which was probably the Browns Farm identifid in later records . She may have been the same Widow Browne in receipt of poor relief in 1730.
 An order was made in 1836 to apprehend James Brown and George Curtis of Chewton Mendip for failure to maintain their families. Somerset archive record D\P\chewt.m/13/10/2/5.
 A Samuel Brown, who died in 1889, May have been a tenant at Jenkins Farm in 1861 when he was also a butcher. He may have been living in Lime Kiln Cottage when his son, also called Thomas, attended Chewton Mendip school in 1874. He may have been the innkeeper at the (old) Waldegrave Arms aged 42 in 1871, if so he was born in Ston Easton. This may appear to have had a very varied life but many people combined farming with other occupations.
Arthur L Brown was killed in action during WW1 and various members of the Brown family lived in Chewton Mendip up to the present day.
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