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Barrow Farm

Barrow FarmThe green spot on the extract of the 1794 map shows the location of what was once  Barrow Farm.  The red spot marks the burial mounds whilst the buildings marked with yellow spots are no longer standing. The site of this  farm is on the site of one of the earliest identifiable properties because it is close to bronze age burial mounds at the top of Chew Hill and  Kings Hill. However, the farm as also known as Golledge in the 18th century poor law records. The burial mounds are in a field that belonged to the Kingsmills but Barrow farm was probably always a Waldegraves  property. 
 A record in the Somerset archive (DD/HI/A/115) includes a number of Hippisleys family papers. One paper dated 1555 is about the sale to John Hippisley of Barrowe House in “Chawton” which is assumed to be Chewton Mendip. The same record also refers to ‘Bullpaynes’ whicht may have been retained in the name of Bull Acre or Bull Paddock listed in 1839.
 The Moggs were paying rates for Golledges which was described in East End for most of the time but that could have meant where the land was. John Mogg,the younger brother of Richard Mogg married Sophia  Wood in Chewton Mendip in 1585. Their son, also called  John married Joan Hippisley in 1635 so it is reasonable to assume that they lived at Barrow Farm or possibly Lower East End Farm.
Barrow Farm was called Golledge in 1766 and other records show that the names of farms would change as new houses were built so it is possible that Lower East End farm was once called Golledge.
Moggs Parks were in Hollow Marsh but th Moggs holding could have included all of the parkland between Chewton Mendip and Farrington Gurney.
  The occupier of Golledge was not specified between
 A field called Cholwell was probably named by the Mogg family who bought Cholwell House in Temple Cloud in 1726 although it was part of York’s Parks. Barrow Farm/Golldede was occupied by Elizabeth Season in 1766.
 The Babers were the last family to have worked the farm and it is now a number of private houses.
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