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Choir 1938

Chewton Choir c 1938This is a picture of the church choir c1938. Several of the people can be seen in other photographs including school photographs  the post war skittles team. This picture was provided by Gilbert Prior.
Back row Henry Watts Denis Young  David Oakes  Laurence
 ? Des Pullin Harold Green
Middle Row  John Hewish  Alec Baker  Graham Pullin  Norman Gillard Gilbert Prior
 Front Row  Eric
 Norman Salvidge  John Body  Reece Oakes
Graham Pullin was the organist and choir practices were held at Chewton Cottage  in Lower Street which as then occupied by Miss Helen Curwen who also contributed significantly to the knowledge of the local history. Lester West, who was a printer from Paulton, and was  Joyce Speed’s uncle, took over as organist after Graham.
Phillip Dudden later acquired his first dinner suit from John Hewish. The Duddens farmed at Cutlers Green where the Hewish family also lived and they were also ‘farming’ in a small scale, John Hewish kept rabbits for meat in some fairly extensive sheds behind his cottage at the head of Cutler’s Green.
John Hewish had a dinner suit for ballroom dancing that was then surplus to requirements so in a typically agricultural transaction the diner suit was swapped for six bales of straw. Phillip then proudly wore his six bale suit when he played in the Bath Philharmonic Youth orchestra.
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