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Lime Kilns

Lime Kiln in Coles laneThis is a relatively good example of a lime-kiln in its modern state. It is not an attractive building but it shows the oven face well. Lime stones and coal were piled up in the chimney like oven in the centre of the structure and burned to produce quick lime.This was used in building work and to fertilize the soil. There were several lime Kilns in the village and surrounding area.
There are several references to ‘Lime Kiln Close’ and this ruin is in Coles Lane (East).
There is a less well-preserved example near Coles farm and the fact that the name of two of the sites include the word ‘cole’ suggests that the source of those name places may be due to an archaic spelling of ‘coal’ rather than a family name.
 The remains of a quarry used to feed a lime-kiln near Grove Farm was filled in within living memory.
 There are traces of lime kilns in Jenks Lane, Nedge Hill,  Eakers Hill and Manning Lane.
 The 1902 map also shows quarries at Sperings Green and other places that may have fed lime kilns.
 The Round House near Priddy may have been a lime kiln of a different design.
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