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File 2021b is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and lists ‘disbursements’. It refers to the 1733 or 1734 and shows how the allocation of  poor relief  was verified by the overseers and justices of the peace.  T Farley (?) and Wm Jones appear to be JPs
Transcribed by Mike Gould. The technical terms are defined by Polly Rubery.The transcribed text is in italic.
Quit Rent for ye Church   £   s   d
House   0   0   10
Richd Nicholas   0   10   0
Grace Blannon   1   0   0
Wid Hewish   0   15   0
    2   5   10
Received of ye Overseers of Wittcomb ye Sum   3   15   2
We do Stand Charged for ye Sum   175   6   3
Our Disburstments is   136   18   6
Due to ye Parish   38   7   8
Omitted   0   8   0
Ball. due   38   15   8
    Seen and Allowed by us        
    J T Farley (?)        
    Wm Jones        
    Jos Taswell, vic        
    Ja: Yorke        
    John Dorie        
    Ffra (?) Boord        
    John Beach        
    William Burrow        
    James Grove        
    John Culliford        
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