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A branch of the Scobell family were based in Cornwell in the 18th century but became inhabitants of Chewton Mendip through marriage. John Scobell of Nancealvern House, Cornwall, married  Mary James in 1816. John Scobell was later described as a Colonel and members of his family were later living in Chewton Mendip and High Littlton.
 Mary James was described as the the widow of John James in Someset Archive record 0207/17 which also states that her maiden name was Goldfinch The James/Goldfinch connection may have linkd the Scobells to Chewton Priory because the Goldfinchs were living there at the beginning of the 19th century.
The daughter of John and Mary Scobell, Mary Ann Scobell of Nancealvern House, married the Reverend John Armstrong the vicar  of Dinder near Wells Somerset in 1836 which provides a link to the Jenkins family. George Freweeke Scobell of High Littleton was mentioned in the transaction and that shows a link to the Kingsmill  and Mogg familes. There is also a connection to church land in the area through most of the families mentioned.
 These various strands of the story are confirmed in 1848 by the Somerset record ref  0207/17 dated 23rd of November. This record describes how John Scobell of Nancealvern in the parish of Madron Cornwall and John Usticke Scobell of Chewton House  were  surviving trustees and executors of the will of the Reverend George Scobell of Turville Buckinghamshire. Other records confirm that John Usticke Scobell  was the son of John Scobel.  Usticke was the maiden name of John Scobell’s first wife.
 This transaction also mentions Charles Drummond Smith Bailey of Bath. He may have been a relative of the John Baily who was the owner of Chewton House who committed suicide in 1873.
 The Scobels remained liviing in th ara and one of the became a Justice of of Peace so there are dozens of records mentining the Scobll family in the Somerset archives.
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