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Franklyns Farm

FranklynThe earliest reference to the Franklyns estates  in the poor law  records was in 1733 when the Kingsmills were paying and it as classed as being in the East End tithing but it is shown in  the 1794 map so it must have passed into the ownership of the Waldegrave or Hippleys sometime between those dates but there is no reference  to Franklyns Farm in the 1785 sale.
 The family who were the tenants or ‘franklyns’ of the  Kingsmills  are not specified. A ‘franklin’ was a term used in the middle ages to refer to somebody who held a form of tenancy of a farm which may be the source of the name. The closest family name connected to the village is Frank or Franks. Sometimes the estate was listed in the Town tithing so different properties could be involved.
 It is possible that Franklyns Farm was sometimes referred to as Mannings but it is more likely that holding was sub-let from the main Franklyns Farm.
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