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West End Farm

West End FarmThere are several prospects for the farm in the West End that was called West End Farm but the picture on the right shows the modern West End Farm. It is one of the few buildings still standing in the area but it no longer operates as a farm.
West End FarmWest End Farm is not mentioned in the 18th century churchwarden accounts or the poor-law records but there were several farms refered to in the in West End or Middlesex tithings, some of which have yet to be identified. Most of the buildings on Sperrings and Reeves lanes have disappeared. The extract from the 1794 map confirms there was something on the site at the time. The 1766 records are not clear about what was there or who was the tenant but all the records show it always was a Waldegrave property. The Kingsmills owned several fields and woods  nearby.
The Yorkes may have been the occupiers for at least part of the 18th century and members of several branches of that family were living in the area. West End Farm is not on Yorks Lane but it is not far from it. The Yorks may have also lived in Adams Corner
 James Speed was first recorded as the tenant in the 1832 list of voters in Chewton Mendip and was the tenant according to the 1840 tithe map. He may have moved out by 1854 and Elizabeth Williams is identified as the occupant in 1861.
Malcom Pearson was the tenant in the 1950s.
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