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Prestons Lane

Preston LanePreston Lane still connects the is in the West End tithing to Tor Hole as a muddy lane but it was once a more important route that the modern road that runs parallel to it. It forms a junction with York Lane and Bell Road/Burges Combe  near Coles farm. Hugo is inspecting one of the unexplained bumps in the ground which may have been a barn. The source of the name is a greater mystery. No record has yet been found of anyone with the last name of Preston who was connected to the village.
 The mother of Preston Hippisley was Anne Hippisley (nee  York). Preston Hippisley married his first cousin, Susannah Yorke in 1684. The dates and the proximity of the York holdings in the area suggest this may be the explanation of the source of the name. However, no family link between that branch of the Yorke family, who were based in Wiltshire, and the Chewton Mendip  Yorkes has yet been established. There are no references to Prestons the 18th century churchwarden accounts or  poor book  which adds further doubt to the theory that Preston Hippisley gave his name to the area
 Prestons WoodPrestons Lane is shown, but not named, in the 1794 map. Coles farm is on the right and Tor Hole on the left. Tor Hole was once a mine which may explain why Preston Lane was once so significant. The records show it was Waldegrave land.
Preston Wood Lime KilnThere was a lime-kiln operating at the Coles Farm end which probably ceased operation over a hundred years ago but may have been fed from the quarry that was across the road between Ben’s Causeway and Rookery Farm.
Preston CottageThe original Prestons Cottage, seen on the right, is marked on both the 1794 and 1840 maps. Prestons Cottage was occupied by John Salvidge in 1840.
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