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Chewton Mendip History Web Site

The Old Vicarage in Chewton Mendip by Ann FordThis is the home page of a website dedicated to the history of Chewton Mendip which is a Somerset village in the Mendip Hills roughly equidistant between the cities of Bath, Bristol and Wells.

This is a short history of the village of Chewton Mendip which aims to identify new information and present the old information in a new way.  The Waldegrave farm tenants lunch captures a ‘end of era’ moment when the village was dominated by farming.

The picture of the Litton fete of the 1920 adds to the traditional image  of the countryside.

This history concentrates on the role of the people who owned the church land in Chewton Mendip and the families who lived on the site of the ‘Old Vicarage’. These were members of the clergy some of the time but some were military men of national significance whilst others were ‘ordinary’ people. This website attempts to explain the significance of the Kingsmill family who owned most of the village up to 1848.

Click on the ‘Time Line’ tab to follow a structured path through the history of the village and refer to the Wikipedia  additional information about the village. Please refer to the acknowledgements page for a list of the contributors to this website but the opinions expressed in this website are the author’s own.

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Richard Loxton June 2015