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Hugh Carry, Correy or Corry of Newton Arles, County Down, married Francis Kingsmill of Sydmonton c 1700. The Corry family  became owners of some of the rectory lands in Chewton Mendip as a result. William Corry (their son?) was probably the Mr Corry mentioned in the table of apprentices and estates dated 1754 (file 2228). The Hampshire archives hold records (19M61/2073-2104) that describe his estates in greater detail but also state he died of his own hand in 1763.
No reference to the Corry’s have yet been found in the churchwardens accounts  but they are listed in poor books for poor book  in 1745 when they were paying poor rates for the Dowling and House estate. Mr Corry for listed as being responsible for House’s in 1754 and were also responsible for Hoskins, Franklyns, Newlands and Sages.
The last ‘true’ male Kingsmill  of the senior line was William Kingsmill V who died in 1766. He died childless and his nearest living relative was Elizabeth Corry who inherited the Somerset, Berkshire and Suffolk estates. She also inherited part of another estate with Rebecca Osgood.
Elizabeth married Robert Brice, an ambitious young naval officer from Ireland who took the Kingsmill name as well as their wealth. They did not produce any children so the most of the Kingsmills estates passed to John Stephens, the vicar of Chewton Mendip. It is believed that John Stephens was the illegitimate son of Robert Brice.
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