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File 2007B is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and lists ‘weekly pay’. It refers to the 1729 or 1730.  The extract from the origional image is included because the text is relatively easy to read but some of the names and words vary considerably.
 Richard Thrifle’s name is one example aRichard Thrifell 1730nd turns into Thistle. Rachael Filler’s name may have been Filer, Fitter, Fillis or even Hills. It is no clear what she was given in addition to a rug.
 The reference of payment  “ a man & woman with a pass…” is an example of the requirement for people to have a pass to travel to prove they were not ‘sturdy beggars’ but qualified to receive poor relief. It is believed that it was legally possible for the parish to claim the money back from the travelers home parish but no evidence has been found  in the Chewton Mendip poor books to support this theory.
 The Tagg/Dagg family in Chewton Mendip had suffered a loss of fortune in many ways. They had been a prosperous family in the 17th century but were recipients of poor relief in the 18th. This page lists costs incurred from the trial of  Thomas Tagg who may have been  buried at the parish’s expense later.
 Quarter sessions that were concerned with criminal cases were usually held in Wells and there is an expenses claim for attending the quarter sessions.  There are frequent references to Pensford as the location of where ‘examinations’ and other  forms of ‘trial’s  dealing with what we may now call civil cases were conducted. The Overseers usually claimed expenses of travelling there each year. They sometimes claimed expenses for traveling to see a Justice of the Peace in his home which probably explain references to visits to Stowey and Clutton.
Transcribed by Mike Gould. The transcribed text is in italic.
Other disburstments as follows £ s d
for ye first 4 months      
pd to John Nicholas in his sickness 0 0 6
pd for a shirt for Willm Loxton 0 3 0
pd for a pair of shoes for Wm Loxton 0 4 0
pd to Wm Stoaks in his sickness 0 1 0
To Sarah Hill in her sickness 0 1 0
To Hester Cole in her sickness 0 1 0
To Sarah Hill in her sickness 0 0 6
To John Nicholass in his sickness 0 1 0
for 9 months more as follows      
pd for a wat (warrant) & examination for Eliz. Speare & horsehire 0 3 0
pd for a copy of Eliz. Spears examion 0 5 0
pd Richd Thrifle for a Rugg & ? for Rachl Filler 0 6 0
pd for maintaining Wm Toveys family before ye vestrey 0 5
pd for ye funerall of Margaret Dowling 0 13 0
pd Hester Tovey to go to see her husband 0 4 0
pd old Eliz: Speare in her sickness 0 1 0
pd Martha Cole in her sickness 0 0 6
To Tho: Brook in his necesity 0 1 0
pd for a wt (warrant) for Fra: Willcox 0 1 0
pd for carrying Eliz: Speare to Pensford at Sessions & Expence &c 0 4 0
for 2 orders of Bastardy for Richd Dale 0 6 0
for a Mitt (maintenance?) & Wart (warrant) Examn & Copy 0 4 0
for carrying of Eliz: Speare to brll (buryall?) 0 3 0
pd for keeping her child before ye vestrey 0 1 0
pd to a man & woman with a pass 0 1 0
pd for 2 orders of Removal for Tho: Tagg Examon & Copy 0 7 0
Spent as Sessions at Pensford 0 3 0
Spent at ye Quarter Sessions at Wells 0 4 9
pd Mr Dando for carrying on ye Tryall of Tho: Tagg 3 2 0
pd for a other nurse for Eliz: Spears child 0 3 0
pd for ye cure of John Brooks legg 0 7 6
for a sack of cole for Jno Brook 0 1 0
Gave to Tho: Tagg 0 3 0
pd for repairing of ye Church House 1 0 8
pd for thaching Tho: Brooks House 1 14
Gave to Tho: Brook 0 3 0
pd for Tending Eliz: Andrews 0 1 0
Gave to Tho: Brook 0 1 0
  10 19 ?
Transcriber note: total of transcribed amounts is –  11  2  8
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