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Litton Road Mill

Lower Street Mill CottageA building between the  Litton Road/Lower Street and the stream that runs parallel to it is shown on both the 1794 and 1840 maps. It was described as a cottage and garden occupied by William Ford, owned by George Edward Earl Waldegrave in 1840. It is possible it was a mill in earlier times because it sites next to the stream. However,  the site is very small and the curve in the stream appears to be natural and there is no evidence of the fall necessary to generate power to run a mill. It may have been a cottage or a barn that formed part of Dowlings Farm. The course of where the stream had been diverted to create a ‘leat’ to  feed a watermill is clearly visible further dwn stream and other buildings look like better prospects for a mill. Some of which may have belonged to the Kingsmill or  Waldegraves. This structure is not shown on the 1902 map.
Litton Road  MillThis small extract from the 1794 map is part of the site occupied by Old Ford Farm and is a more likely spot for a mill. The 1840 map shows a sharp right hand turn in the leat  which is consistent with it driving a waterwheel.
 The 1766 ledgers show that the Culliford family held the lease on a mill that fits the description of Old Ford Farm and they may have lived in the cottage shown in this map.  Dalesford House and Ford Dairy are also possible sites for mills.
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