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Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage Ivy Cottage in West End  close to  Burges’ Coombe. Ivy Cottage is featured in another website which includes information by Sid Elias who was an WW2 evacuee.
Ivy Cottage This extract from the 1794 map shows the site of what is now called Ivy cottage. The 18th century churchwarden accounts or the poor-law records show the Coles family was occupying Coles and Clouds which are both close by. Adams Corner is on the opposite side of the road and although nothing remains of that farm-house or yard,  Adams could have been occupied by the York Family in the 18th century
 This suggests that, through a process of elimination,  Ivy Cottage was the location of the Curtis property in West End recorded in the 18th century records. Burges Farm and Rookery Farm  are other prospects for where some of the Curtis family were farming in West End.
 The 1840 map shows it was a cottage occupied by Betty Vincent but the field marked 539 in the 1794 map was called Home Close in 1840 sugesting that Ivy Cottage was once a farm.
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