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 GreendownThere are a number of estates mentioned in th 18th century  churchwarden accounts and poor book in the West End   tithing  that are not shown on the  1794 map  or modern maps. The estates may have been in the Middlesex tithing or another parish such as the Harptrees or Priddy. Greendown is part of Litton parish but it is physically closer to the properties in the Chewton Mendip tithing of West End than to the centre of Litton.  In some ways, the Chewton Mendip properties like Grove Farm,  Eakers Hill ,  Bendalls Grove, Payne’s Pond had more in common with Greendown than Chewton Mendip. It is possible that the building shown in the field marked 587 was the site of the farmhouse for the Bull Acre, Nivers or Wyches estates.
There were a number of mines   in the area and at least one quarry within living memory.
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