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Red Hill Area

Red HillMost of Red Hill is in Emborough parish but some of it is in the East End tithing of Chewton Mendip and some farms may have been based in the Chewton Mendip part of Red Hill. It probably takes its name from the calamine mines that are now a wooded copse roughly where the large red dot is seen.
 What was Red Hill farm is shown by the orange spot, the purple spot is the approximate site of Emborough church and Manor Farm.
The yellow spot is what was once Paradise Farm and the blue spot identifies Swallow Pit Farm.
The building in the bottom left hand corner is now known as Red Hill cottage and the green spot is there to signify that ‘Warehams’ is nearby but off the map.
The buildings  shown in plot 207 may have been the Greens Farm whilst the building in plot 53 may have been Clarks Farm. A number of other cottages and other buildings are shown in the 1840 map which are no longer standing.
 Double Farm is in the large blank field marked Kingsmill.
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