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Everards FarmEverards farm is mentioned in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and the poor-law records  and there is no reason to doubt the current building is on the original site on Nedge Lane although it is now a private house.
Everards Farm The 18th century records are consistent in placing the farm in the Middlesex tithing and the cross-shaped building shown in the 1794 map  is probably part of the main farmhouse that can be seen in the picture above.
The source of the name is a mystery. No evidence has yet been found of a  family of that name linked to Chewton Mendip. The early records suggest it was owned by the  Waldegrave  family and it as often grouped with White Pitts. The 1766 ledgers  show that William Wright was the tenant. One possibility is the track that connected the buildings show with the top of the hills was ever hard to climb!
Everards Field Barn 1This is probably what remains of the buildings shown in plot 343 in the 1794 map. This is taken the hill above Everards Farm to give an indication of the steepness of the hill. Nedge Lane is behind the hedge that can be seen. What cannot be seen is the course of Sperrings Green Lane that used to connect Everards Farm with Sperrings Green Farm. What looks to be a remote barn may have been a significant property in the past.
Everards Field Barn 2 Another barn nearby may have also been a separate farm in the past. Either of these properties could have been Nobels or Wyches.
 The 1839 map shows it was occupied by Edmund Fry and owned by the Waldegraves. Edmund Fry may have been living in Adams Grove which appeared to be the more significant buildins at the time.
The Habgoods were living there in 1891. Benjamin Thayer was a farm bailiff in the Victorian era and married Christina Habgood. Their son, John Thayer, was the tenant in the picture of the tenants lunch in the 1950s.
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