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Farming society

Chewton Farmers Dance 1951The picture shows what is believed to be a New Years Eve Ball held in the Village Hall in 1951. A picture of the Waldegraves tenants in the 1950s shows how many farmers there were in the  village at the time. The man in the light coloured jacket may be the Hunt Master who was W .H Middle up to 1950 and Major Allen after 1950. There are other photographs of social gatherings at the same time but this gathering was believed to have been restricted to the farming community.
Farmers Private Invitation Ball  This invitation from 1935 has survived to show that the farmers social events were not restricted to the people who worked the land.The invitation was addressed to Mr and Mrs Jones who were probably the people who ran the cooperative store.A list of the committee members is also informative. Some of the people can be seen in Waldegrave’s tenants lunch party and other people appear in a number of other photographs and stories. The 1935 invitation was supplied by Gerry Brice.Farmers Private Invitation Ball Comittee
 Racing is an activity that has formed part of farming society.
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