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Alfie OakesThe Oakes Family moved to Chewton Mendip in the middle of the 19th century. Alfie was a tenant at Hippisley Farm in East End  from the 1920s  and is one of the ‘larger than life’ characters bordering on ‘loveable rouge’.He was a renowned card player, some say he was helped by a large mirror in his farmhouse that he ensured his ‘victims’ sat in front  off. It is claimed that he would pay his farm workers their weeks wages and then challenge them to a game of cards. He then proceeded to win back their wages. They kept on working so he made sure they did not starve.

This picture is on display in the social club.


He was a regular visitor to the Social Club and would challenge the boys to a game of cards with penny stakes. These were the old imperial pennies of which 12 made a shilling (5p) and 240 made a pound but that was a weeks pocket money in those days. He duly deprived all present of their pocket money but bought them all a glass of lemonade in compensation.
 He served in WW2 and would go to the school to tell the school children of his exploits. He is remembered with affection by all contributors.
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