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The Batt and Butt family  names may be derived from the same source and may be linked to the Bath family name. No direct reference to the Batt family have ben found in the 18th century poor law records.
Sarah was  the daughter of James and Leah  Curtis   and was baptised 10 Dec 1738. Sarah later married William Batt and was  the mother of Benjamin Batt who is buried in the old churchyard next to a Curtis Grave. Benjamin Batt esq  is buried with Sarah, his mother. He  father’s name was William. Benjamin was  baptised in Chewton Mendip on 18/9/1758 and died on 26/1/1855 aged 97
John Batt was a carpenter in the victorian era and ran a wheelright’s business on Kingshill and  probably gave  his name to Batts Wood. Various members of the family attended Chewton Medip School in the Victorian era.
Richard Batt was described as a farmer of Clapton when he was a trustee of the Bathway Methodist Chapel in 1910.
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