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Class Photos

 This is the school class of 1892. It was first published by in the Women’s institute history of Chewton Mendip in 1954. This copy has been supplied by Ken Church.This page also includes class photos for 1928 and most of the 1930s supplied by Chewton Mendip school. Some of the the survivors of the class of 1935 were tracked down some time ago and picture of that reunion is also published. It is assumed that the bearded Mr Gaskin shown in the picture was the new head master.
 The people shown in the back row from left to right are as follows.
 The first boy was just called Ham’. Charles Ham initially of  The  Street, then of Chewton Hill,  had several children at the school. He was living in ‘the street’ when Kate was born on 9/5/1879 but living at Chewton Hill when the rest of his children were born. ,
 George Church, the son of Walter Church of Honewell was born  16/8/1883.
 Will Ham. He has not been identified, perhaps the first name was wrong. John Ham was born on 21/10/1882. Chaffie Ham was born 1/4/1886.
 Albert Ham was born 33/11/1884 .
 Thom Green lived in the old Waldergrave Arms.
 Seward Heal. Seward Heal was a larger than life character who appears in several photographs. He was probably the person who made the original identification of the people in the photograph but he would have been trying to remember details from over 60 years previously. No wonder he mad some mistakes.
 Middle row.
 Miss Butler. It is assumed she was a teacher but no further information has been discovered about her yet.
 S Middle. This was probably Stanly Middle.
 W  Dowling. He was probably William, the son of another William Dowling. The relationship between him and the W Dowling buried in Chewton Mendip churchyard has yet to be determined.
 J Young. He may have been John Henry Young who served in World War One and is buried in Chewton Mendip churchyard.
 Mr Gaskin. It is believed he was the ‘new’ headmaster.
 T Stickland. He may have been Thomas Stickland who is buried in Chewton Mendip churchyard.
 Ernest Church, the son of James Church of Chew Hill was born 21/12/1875 and admitted to school in 1879.
 ? Church. It is not  suurprising that Seward forgot his first name, Church was a common name at the time. His father may have been  James Church, the father of Maurice and Ken’s grandfather, who lived in The Folly,  Herbert Church who lived at Bathway or Joseph Church who lived in Red Quarr.
 E Middle. This was probably Edgar Middle. John Middle  of ‘Lime Kiln’ was described as his grandfather.
 Mrs Gaskin. She was probably the wife of Mr Gaskin.
 Front Row
 M Church. This was probably Maurice Church, Ken’s father who is seen in the old Post Offce photograph and was later in the Ancient Order of Foresters.
 Sartin. No name like ‘Sartin’ has yet been identifed.
 S Symes. This was probably Sydney Symes. His father ws probably Frank Symes who was bought up in Griggs Pit and then moved to Ivy cottage.
 Sartin. As above.
 W Symes. This was probably William, the brother of Sydney.
 Gilbert Rendall. His father was probably William Rendell of Dudwell.
Class of 1928 with Amy CookThis is the class of 1928 shows the teach Amy Cook and  Arthur Green who is the fifth from the left in the front row.
Class of 1933The class of 1933.
Class of 1934The class of 1934.
  Class of 1935This photo of the class of 1935  was published in a local newspaper  for the Queens Silver Jubilee and was supplied by Mrs Joan Snook who named some of the pupils. Joyce Peppardhas made some additions and alterations to the names originally published.The names for the back row from left to right are as follows.
 Pam Church. The sister of Ken Church.
 Mary Dalimore.
 Mervyn Speed. He can be seen in several other photographs and in the Silver Jubilee reunion picture below.
 Joyce Peppard. Her married name is Bird and she can be seen in the Silver Jubilee reunion picture below.
 Jack Orlidge. He can be seen in the Silver Jubilee reunion picture below.
 Gilbert Prior. He can be seen in the cricket 11 of 1953.
 Beryl Middle.
 Richard Dudden. He is seen in pictures relating to farming and other events in the village hall.
 Reece Oaks.
 Front row, left to right.
 Norman Gillard. He can be seen in the picture of the skittles team.
 Joan Snook identified the next boy as a ‘Master Middle’. Joyce names him as Patrick Day.
 Joan Chappell. She became the Mrs Snook who provided this picture for publication.  She can be seen in the Silver Jubilee reunion picture below.
 Esme Sherborne.
 Evelyn Norris.
 Peter Flemming.
 Norman Salvidge.  He can be seen in the Silver Jubilee reunion picture below.
 David Middle.
Class of 1936The class of 1936
Class of 1937The class of 1937
Class of 1938 with Amy Cook The class of 1938
 Class of 1939
Class of 1939
 This was taken c 1950.Classs photo c1950
Class of 1968
Class of 1935 reunionThis was taken in the Queens Silver Jubilee and it shows in the back row from left to right.Mervyn Speed, Joyce Bird (Peppard), Jack Orledge, Gilbert Prior.The forn row consists of Joan Snook (Chappell) and Norman Salvidge.
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