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Jenks Lane

 Jenks LaneThe 1794 map shows the top of Jenks Lane at Nedge. Jenks Lane is now just a farm track that leads to a field but it may have been a road that was a significant route before the turnpike road was built in 1754/55. Jenks Lane may have been the primary route from Green Ore  to the  East End with via Shooters Bottom but the 1740 map shows there was at least a track leading to Rouse Corner.
The 1640  suggests it may have been called Gymres lane or that lane may have been at Green Ore.
There are references to an holding called Jenks in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor book and some of the fields may have been described as part of the Middlesex or Town tithings. The 1800 map shows that Jenks Lane was one of several lanes connecting the East End to Shooters Bottom including Rowden’s, Purnell’s and Manning’s lanes.
 The 1839 tithe confirms that Jenks lane was a dead end by that date. The name is pronounced as ‘Jinks lane’ which may be due to the kink in the lane but it is more likley to be due to the Jenkins family who owned some of the land, possibly the field marked the Kingsmill.
 Jenks Lane Lime KilnThis rather uninspiring lump is all that is left of a lime kiln that is roughly half way up the lane. There may have been another lime kiln at the top of the hill nar the modern road at Nedge.
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