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The Gait family were fairly prosperous people in the area in the 18th century as a quick survey of the local churchyards show. Not many gravestones from before the 19th century survive but a reasonable percentage belong to the Gait family.
 Angel Gait, who may have been male, was paying rates or an estate in the Town tithing of Chewton Mendip from 1701 according to the churchwardens’ accounts.
 John Gait held a lease for what may have been a farm or blacksmith’s shop in Bathway in 1740 and he had two sons, Angel and George.
James Gait was sometimes listed as the rate payer but it is not clear where he lived or what relationship he was to the other members of the family.
 A Martha Gait gets referred to frequently in the later poor books. She may have been one of the Widow Gaits and was paid for looking after ill or poor people.
Betty Gait, the daughter of Jerimiah  and Ann Gait married William Blanning in Chewton Mendip on 21/1/1821. This marriage may have helped him make enough money to buy what is now the Old Vicarage in 1859.
George and Jacob Gait were described as a carpenters from Ston Easton when he was listed  as one of the original trustees of the Methodist Chapel in Bathway in 1861.A William George Gait was a builder also from Ston Easton when he was listed as a trustee in 1910.
 James Gait was a tenant at Dudwell Farm from at least 1875 to 1883 and his children attended the village school.
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