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The Gore 1840The churchwarden accounts refer to an holding called ‘The Gore’ in the early 18th century but no record to it in the poor book has yet been found and it is not shown in the 1794 map. The only reference to a field called gore in the 1840 tithe  map is next to Rouse Corner. Gore is derived from a word that means an unusualy shaped field that was dificult to plough so it may have been used as a garden or site of a house. As such, many places could be refered to as ‘The Gore’.
Old Gore farm is in  Emborough and he records show that the 18th century gore in Chewton Mendip  was in the East End tithing occupied by the Scutt and Palmer families.
The Scutts are known to have occupied Browns and a property in Red Hill, both of which fit the description of an akwardly shaped piece of land. What is belived to have been the Clark Farm  and Greens Farm also fit the description of a gore.
However, the Palmer connection suggest that the Rouse Corner location is more likely and that it was part of what is now called Bathway Farm between Nedge and  and Bathway. This area may be considred to be in the  Middlesex tithing or even the West End but that is based on the modern topograpy.
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