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John Ball was recorded in the 1839 Tithe apportionment list paying rent to William Kingsmill.
 George Ball may have been from a different branch of the family. He was a the police constable of Chewton Mendip when he gave evidence 1850. He was probably the same  George Ball was  who was living in Bathway when his son, Ernest James Ball, attended the village school in 1876.
Charles Ball was living at Nedge when his children attended Chewton Mendip in the 1920s. He was identified as a small holder by Kellys Directory in 1927. His children’s previous school was Horrington. He appears to have left the village in th late 1920s but returned in c1932 when Cyril Frederick Ball was readmitted to Chewton Mendip school. He was running a guest house at Bathway Farm in 1935.
Stanley Ball was living in Nedge Hill when his children attended Chewton Mendip school in the 1940s. He is seen in the skittles team of c 1950.
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