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Coomb’s Grove

Coombs GroveCoombs Grove is the name of a wood in what was once the West End  or Middlesex tithing. It is close to what is now called Nivers Hill and the 1794 map shows that a lane passed by it. Coombs Grove wood is in the centre marked with Green.  The wood now extends to include the triangular plot marked with a ornange spot. The site where the building once stood can still be seen,
This may be the location of the farm  recorded in the 18th century  churchwarden accounts and poor book  but Coombs Grove wood is in West End and the Coombs holding was grouped with Clarks Farm which was probably in East End. The building marked b the orange spot looks to be too small to have been a farm house but it is possible that somebody called Coombs had a small holding on the site in the 17th century or earlier.
 Paynes Pond  is another geographical feature that was probably once  the site of a farm but it is probable that the Payne family were the occupants in the 18th century. Payns pond is marked in yellow and all that remains is a small barn and a muddy pond in an overgrown wood.
 Grove farm is marked in blue at the bottom of the map and although it is shown to be quite a modest place in 1794 it is the best fit for the farmhouse and yard for Coombs Grove. There are various spellings of the word ‘coomb’ but it is generally believed to be derived from the Welsh ‘cym’ for valley. Coombs Grove is set on the side of a steep hill and Coombs Grove farm is in the bottom of the valley close to two or three groves or patches of woodland.
The building also marked with blue but at the top of the map is a prospect for the Coombs FarmHouse. The building shown in the 1794 map no longer stands and the site is in Greendown which is in Litton. The boundaries have shifted between parishes and the map shows the  Waldegrave  estate, not necessarily the parish. These issues mean that Bell Farm cannot be discounted as the original Coombs Farm.
 Eakers Hill  is shown in red and is another possibility. Bendles Grove and Kingswell are  close by and may have been Coombs farm although they are not shown on this map.
 Burges Coomb  and Dowlings farms are on the edge of West End and the Town tithing and cannot be discounted. Nobels and Wyches farms have not been positively identified and some of the clues to their existence also apply to Coombs.
 Bendalls Grove  all close by and Coombs, Bendall and Payne are all names of families that
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