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The first references to the Roberts family are from the early 18th century when William and Mary Roberts had children baptised in Chewton Mendip.
 George Roberts was listed as a oveseer in the late 1760s living in the ‘Town’ tithing, possibly in ‘Parsonage Farm’.
 A  Hampshire record (19M61/4175) from 1785 identifies a farmer called George Roberts as the tenant “…at Chewton..”  of Robert Kingsmill  in “…the house, outhouses, garden and orchard…”. These vague description point to him living in a former rectory house or farm , possibly on the site of Tudor cottage or the Old Vicarage but what was later known as Veals farm is another possibility.
 Mary Roberts, was born on 7th of February 1772  probably his daughter, married Samuel Blanning on 11th April 1796. The dates are taken from the microfiche of the register of births held in Taunton but the father/daughter link cannot be verified. George Roberts was a witness but he could have been acting in his capacity as overseer. Mary was unable to sign her name whilst Samuel did.
 A W Roberts is seen in the bell ringers on 1904 but it is not known if there was a irect family link.
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