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Mary, the daughter of Robert Wilcox was christened in Chewton Mendip on 13/7/1623 Members of the Wilcox family are recorded as living in Chewton Mendip from that date up to the modern era.
The Hampshire archives contain a record dated 1707 when a James Willcox (alias Andrews)  was the tenant of a property near to ‘Farmers Cross’. The record is a copy of the court roll of Chewton rectory manor  when James Wilcox arranged for his sons Michael and William to take over his tenancy when he died. George was the brother of James. This record is not unique is stating that the Wicox brothers sometimes used the name Andrews.  The definition of the estate is very vague and places it near ‘Farmers Cross’ which could have been the modern Mearns cross.
A Thomas Wilcox was paid for a rope by the Chewton Mendip vestry commitee in 1720 and other members of the Wilcox family were involved in the rope and tar business in Ston Easton at the same time. Some members of the Wilcox family required poor relief at the same time.
 Other members of the family are listed in various capacities. Henry Wilcox was a farmer and quarry owner in the 19th century. His daughter, florence attended Chewton Mendip school in 1890. He was the tenant at Coles Farm from 1902 to 1906 and died about 1908. Other members of the family were farmers in Chewton Mendip in the 1920s.
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