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Millard may be a variation of ‘miller’ and there are references to what may be members of the family throughout the history of Chewton Mendip but one of the earliest confirmed references is to John Millard in the churchwarden  accounts . He was a Chewton Mendip Churchwarden in 1727. He may have been married to Jane and the father of Elizabeth  and James baptised in 1730 and 1740. Alternatively, he may have married Ann Curtis of Chewton 6/11/1739. The Millards were sharing an estate with someone called Addley in 1754 as specified in table of people taking apprentices listed on page 2228 of the Poor book.
A Sarah Millard married Christopher Loxton of St Cuthbert’s in Wells 29/7/1792 in North Wooton. The Witnesses were George Gould and Hannah Millard. It is possible that she was related to the Chewton Mendip Millards, Christopher Loxton was probably a descent of the author of this website.
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