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Symes and  Sims  are spelling of  family names that  were interchangeable untill the modern era. A Thomas Symes  may have been recorded in the churchwarden accounts for 1733 or 1744 but there was no doubt he was paying rates for an estate in the  Middlesex tithing during most of   the 18th century. The land was probably owned by the Kingsmills. They are not shown as owning land in the 1794 map.
He may have been the Thomas Sims of Paulton  who married Ann Barrell of Paulton at 18/4/1742 Chewton Mendip. She may have ben the daughter of the Widow Barrell paying poor rates in 1730. This could explain the link to Chewton mendip. Paulton was a subsidiary parish at the time which is another reason why the wedding was conducted in Chewtom Mendip.
Thomas Symes is sometimes referred to as the Rev Symes. It is possible he was the Thomas Symons recorded in the clergy database. He was ordained in Wells and was vicar of Bathamptom but he appeared to have died in 1766 but there are references to a Thomas Symes in Chewton Mendip in the 1790s. It was probable there was at least two of them who were father and son.
 Richard Symes was the rector of St Werburgh’s in Bristol and was married to Ann Hunt, sister of William Hunt. They are all commemorated in Chewton Mendip church but it is not clear if Richard Symes was a local or not,he died in 1799.
 William Symes was a tenant at Grove Farm in  1861 and various members of the Symes or Simms family were attending Chwton Mendip school during the Victorian era.
 William Symes was living in the large of the two cottages in Griggs Pit up to the 1960s. He was married to Ethel and may have been the son of Frank Symes born 5/8/1883 and attending Chewton mendip School in 1890 whilst living at Griggs Pit.
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