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Chewton Mendip School Tilley Emery 2nd row from top Second left 001This picture of a class of pupils who attended Chewton Mendip school was probably taken in 1920 when the Emery family moved to the village. Tilly Emery is the second on the left, second row from the top. She can also be seen in a picture of a fete held in Litton in the 1920s.
Emery School Register 1920This is an extract from the register dated 1920. Tilly’s real name was Hilda
 Her father was a police sergeant based in East Harptree but he probably lived in Litton because that is where Tilly and her sister had attended school until they moved to Chewton Mendip school.
 The change in school was probably necessitated by her father’s move to Ford Farm House which is in the Chewton Mendip part of Ford. They later moved to Radstock.
 Tilly went on to marry and her daughter, Pat Hellard, has kindly given permission to use this photograph.
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