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Members of the Ponting family moved to Swallow Pit Farm in the Victorian era. Swallow Pit Farm is on the other side of the road that froms the boundary between Chewton Mendip and Emborough so it is in Emborough rather than Chewton Mendip. However, the Chewton Mendip school records show that the Ponting children attened Chewton Mendip school. Their descendents still live in the village today
The 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor-law records refer to a family sometime spelt Pointing, Poynting or Ponting paying rates for an estate  and taking apprentoces (page 2229).
It is possible that only one person was involved because it is easy to confuse Mr and Mrs in the script used in the 18th century. The earliest record is for a Mr[s] Poynting paying rates for Clarkes and Coombs in the Town tithing, neither of these estates have yet been identified. Purnel Parks was also included in their estate.  A Widow Pointing  was also listed as paying rates for the Loxton’s estate in the the middle of the 18th century
Martha Pointing was described as a widow of Street when she was referred to in land transactions in Chewton Mendip in 1767.
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